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ZAGGmate with Keyboard case for iPad

By Mark , updated on November 8, 2013

Most people shopping for accessories for their tablets try to find those products which offer more than one feature.

The ZAGGmate with Keyboard case for iPad is one of those products which not just protect your tablet, but also helps you enjoy all of the features of your slate.

The case is made from a type of aluminum also used for building airplanes. This means (besides the fact that it just sounds awesome) that the case is very tough, but light. This way, you don’t lose protection for mobility or the other way around. You get the best in terms of protection and convenience for moving around with your iPad.

The finish of the Zagg Ipad case is anodized and resembles the finish of the iPad, so you don’t have to worry about the case looking weird together with the tablet. The padding on the case is said to match the sturdiness of that used in the military.

The high density padding offers extra security for accidental drops, as it can absorb the shock of the impact. The flat base of the case lets you use it on uneven surfaces, like a bed or on your lap. As I said before, the extraordinary sturdiness doesn’t mean any extra size or weight, as the case is half as thin as other cases and only adds  200 grams to the weight of the device.

The Zaggmate case with a blue tooth controller lets you use the iPad as a laptop

The Zaggmate case with a blue tooth controller lets you use the iPad as a laptop

The tablet is not actually locked on to the case, but it doesn’t have to, because only placing it on the support is stable enough for it not to fall over. Also, the case only protects the screen of the iPad, while the back is exposed.

This is not an actual problem, as the back of the iPad is designed to resist to some bumps and scratches- the screen is the really fragile part of it. But the most remarkable feature of this case is the blue tooth keyboard. This comes very useful if you want to use the iPad as a computer for chatting or writing.

For this, a keyboard is recommended, as just using the on screen keyboard can be tiresome after a while and occupies so much screen space.

This iPad keyboard is embedded in the case and works with the slate in both landscape and portrait mode. The keyboard is blue tooth controlled, so you don’t have to connect any cables or something similar to activate it.

The case has an opening in front, so you can easily access the keyboard

The case has an opening in front, so you can easily access the keyboard

About that- many users from Amazon, where the ZAGGmate with Keyboard case for iPad is available for a cut price of $78.90, say that setting up Bluetooth takes only 4 seconds.

The keyboard comes with a 510 mAh battery and can last on a single charge for a couple of weeks. In order to prolong battery life, you can turn it off while not using it, but the keyboard can do this on its own, as it will go into sleep mode if not used for a longer period of time.

For better functionality, the keyboard comes with some function keys, allowing for immediate access to Slide Shows, Home button, Search, Show and Hide iPad keyboard, ON/OFF, Previous Track, Next Track, Play/Pause music, Volume up/down/mute.

The keyboard can be charged via a included USB cable, but be careful when you charge it, as the port is said to be very fragile by some Amazon users. Besides from that, people who already bought the case with a blue tooth keyboard are satisfied with it; the keys feel good and are very responsive.

Overall, this case offers good protection for your iPad, while it’s also light and quite slim. And the embedded wireless keyboard will help you get much more from your iPad in terms of functionality and productivity.

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