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Zagg introduces the Zaggfolio – actually an improved Zaggmate case, still costs $99

By Mark , updated on November 8, 2013

Zagg’s new iPad 2 accesory, namely the Zaggfolio, is basically a revamped/improved Zaggmate keyboard case.

The case had an aluminum exterior and military degree padding on the inside, being the best iPad 2 case out there, and it also sported a Bluetooth keyboard with iPad 2 specific commands. Actually, we shouldn’t talk about in the past tense, as it’s still out there and selling quite good, even if it’s kind of expensive at 99 bucks.

The new offering from Zagg, the Zaggfolio, has the same price, but comes with a bunch of improvements and changes in comparison with the case. First off, it looks more like a book style case, having that “leather folio” look. It’s actually made from carbon fiber, so it’s surely tough, but looks a little more flexible and a little less military than the Zaggmate. So if you’re looking for a more modern, urban like accessory, the Zaggfolio seems and especially looks like a better fit for your iPad 2.

On the inside you get a microfiber lining, which should act as a decent second line of defense against bumps and falls, while also keeping the display secured and protecting it against scratches. The case doubles, of course, as a stand, and it supports the slate in both landscape and portrait mode, but only the first also secures the slate, by completely covering it. Still, the other position shouldn’t harm the slate in any way, as it rests on the tough build of the case.

You can use the keyboard as far as 10 feet from the iPad 2

You can use the keyboard as far as 10 feet from the iPad 2

Like the Zaggmate, the Zaggfolio has a Bluetooth keyboard as well, but there’s no word if it’s delivered by Logitech. The same 510mAh is on board, so you’ll have a couple of weeks of autonomy before needing to charge it; which is as simple as it comes, via the included micro USB cable. The keyboard has an island style design and comes with dedicated iPad 2 buttons, the same ones you have on the Zaggmate.

All in all, this is a decent alternative to the Zaggmate case, and it’s better if you’re looking for something slightly more elegant and a little thinner and lighter than the previous entry in ZAGG’s line of accessories.

And considering they have the same price, in the end you’ll choose the one for you considering only your personal preference and not the fact that you want to save a buck. The Zaggfolio ships starting July 21st.  Preview video below. Enjoy.

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