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Zagg InvisibleShield for iPad – best iPad screen protector?

By Andrei Girbea , updated on November 8, 2013

As you probably know if you’ve read my blog before, I’m an advocate of carefully protecting the display of your touch devices, as this is after all their greatest asset. So, whether you have a mobile phone or a touch tablet, you’d better take special care of that screen.

Now, the iPad comes with a big 9.7 inch display. Producers advertise the glass that covers it as ultra tough and scratch-proof. However, they also did on the iPhone or the iPod Touch, devices i owned or still own during these last years, and I had the chance to see how well does this glass cope with time. So trust me, no surface found on any device right now is scratch-proof, not even smear-proof. Thus, I do advice getting protection.

I’ve already posted a subject on best iPad Screen protectors here on the site, I do recommend you give that one a look. However, this post is about what seems to be the most popular and best rated such accessory: the Zagg InvisibleShield for iPad.

Now, I do have some experience with Zagg’s shield as I’ve been using them on my iPod Touch for the last 2 years. They are solid, tough and most of all reliable. I’ve had two since 2008 when i bought my Touch and I have to say that the one I had to change, around the beginning of this year, was because margins started to peel off, and not because its surfaces became too worn-out to use anymore. Of course, that doesn’t mean that screen protector is indestructible, I’m far from believing such marketing gimmicks and so should you. But for every day use it will be just great, as long as you don’t plan rubbing it with sanding paper or stick a knife in it.

Zagg Shield is right now the most popular display protector for the iPad

Zagg Shield is right now the most popular display protector for the iPad

The Zagg InvisibleShield for iPad is made from quite some durable materials. Producers say this is the same as the one used by military to protect helicopter blades from dust, shrapnel and other abrasive stuff. I don’t know it that’s true, but I do know I’ve been satisfied with the level of protection it provides. Also, from the many reviews and opinions I’ve read before deciding to write this post, common belief is that the Zagg Shield does as advertised.

Now, you should also know that this Shield does more than protect. It comes with an anti-static and anti-glare treated surface, so will reduce glare and reflections when used in strong light conditions, which is great, as the screen on the iPad is so so glossy. That doesn’t mean it will turn it into a matte one, no, but it will improve visibility outside. Also, the skin comes with a rubber-like feel, and because of that it gives your iPad better grip (noticeable if you go for the Full Body armor that encases the back as well), but also some of you might feel its surface is not as smooth as you might want. So that’s something to be aware off.

There’s also a common dissatisfaction that this skin is hard to get on correctly, without air bubbles coming in and ruining everything. Now, I have to say that I’ve yet to try this particular version, but based on my experience, getting a screen protector on requires some practice, especially one that big. So, always make sure your clean your iPad carefully before starting the procedure, clean your hands as well, try to locate exactly how you’re going to put it on and be sure you’re getting it right.

Actually on this Zagg is even easier, because you can spray it with the solution in the pack and you don’t have to get it positioned right from the first try. Then progress slowly using the card in the pack to remove any bubbles afterward. Also be aware that minor bubbles might be present from the solution after you get the Shield on, but they will fade after a couple of days. In the end it should be just fine.Video below should help you with the procedure.

Of course, this problem is common to all such types of screen protectors, not just the Zagg Shield. My advice would be to practice with some cheaper covers first and then go for this one. This way, you won’t throw 30 bucks for nothing.

Because yeah, the Invisible Shield for iPad goes for 30 bucks in the US. Well, $29.99 actually, for Display protection and for the back skin, if bought independently. However, you can get them both, in what Zagg calls the Full-Body armor, for $39.99 . Click the links for more details about the Shield, including videos and pictures and the option to order them at Zagg’s site.

You should also know that Zagg offers extended warranty for their products. First, if you do not like them, you can return them in 45 days and get your money back (without shipping costs though). Also, if the protection get damaged or broken in time, Zagg say they will replace it with another one for free. And they will do that not for a year or two, but for the entire duration of you gadget’s life. This sounds very interesting, still I’m not sure if there ain’t any gimmicks hidden between terms.

Now, you will notice the different covers for the Wi-Fi and the Wi-fi/3G iPad available on the site, but they are exactly the same, as the two iPad versions themselves are identical on the outside. Also, I do recommend going for the Body Armor, because of the extra grip, but mainly because you will be able to protect the back of the device too, from scratches, dust and smudges.

Of course, such protection will not be able to withstand shocks as well. Also, the biggest problem of such screens is that in time, they start to peel off, like it happened on my iPod Touch as well. That’s why the best way to prevent this and protect your gadget from bumps and drops, is to encase it in a proper cover (silicone, hard plastic, rubber or leather, it’s for you to choose), and make sure you pick one that will cover the margins of the screen protector and keep them inside, thus safer from peeling off.

All in all, the Zagg Invisible Shield is definitely an accessory I recommend for the iPad. In fact, screen protectors are must haves and this is I believe the best pick right now. You will be able to find cheaper ones, but do you really want to look at a couple of bucks when speaking about your iPad’s display health? I don’t think so. See the video review below for some extra details.

In the end, i do have to say that I for one plan getting one of these Zagg Shields as well for my iPad (i do not own one at the moment I’m writing this post, because it is not yet available in my country, but I will soon) and pack it along with a nice leather iPad case, probably one of those luxurious ones like the Piel Frama, if budget allows.

That’s about it. Hopefully this post about Zagg’s InvisibleShield for Apple iPad did help you and you manage to see the pros and the cons behind this protection accessory. Of course, feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated, so don not hesitate to leave a comment.

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