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MIC aluminum keyboard case for the iPads, the cheaper alternative for the Zaggmate

By Mark , updated on September 22, 2012

Yeah, the Zaggmate is considered the best case with keyboard for the iPad 2, but the rather high price makes many stay away from it. A decent alternative is the MIC aluminum keyboard case, which looks and apparently feels like the Zaggmate, costing only 50 bucks, in comparison with the $100 bill you’ll have to roll out if you want the Zaggmate.

MIC’s offering looks really good, having the same type of finish as the iPad 2, even if it’s not as solid- although MIC claims that the materials are military grade, navy grade and other buzzwords when it comes to protection accessories for gadgets. In stand mode, the device will hold your Apple tablet in both landscape and portrait orientations.

There’s also a wireless Bluetooth keyboard, US layout, that comes with iPad dedicated buttons for music, volume, slide show, home, search and more. Keys have a rubber like finish and don’t look too different from the ones you get on the keyboard used for the Zaggmate. The keyboard comes with a built in battery that can go on for about 90 hours of use and as much as 15 days of stand by on a single charge. Recharging is easy and it’s made via an included microUSB cable.

Also, the device works as a case- just place the keyboard over the screen and lock the tablet in place via the padded hinges- the slate will go to sleep when you put it in the case and will wake up as soon as you take it out. The case weighs approximately 12.2 ounces and is 0.43 inches thick; if you do the math, the entire package will not be very bulky, but you’ll have at your disposal a complete security and productivity package for your iPad 2.

The keyboard comes with iPad 2 specific buttons

The keyboard comes with iPad 2 specific buttons

And if you intend to use the iPad 2 for work as well, having a keyboard to pair it up with is a crucial detail. MIC seems dedicated to Apple as a whole, and you’ll find cases and accessories for the first iPad and iPhone 4 delivered by the company. Overall, the MIC offering seems like a solid alternative for the expensive Zaggmate.

It looks good, fits the iPad 2 design, the keyboard has soft buttons, iPad 2 commands and equals in terms of longevity the best cases with keyboards that are currently available. Stay tuned for a teaser trailer with the MIC aluminum keyboard Buddy case for the iPad 2.

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