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The best 5 Kindle Fire cases and covers

By Mark , updated on November 11, 2013

Amazon caused the most exciting event of the autumn in gadget land by releasing Kindle Fire, a 7 inch tablet strongly resembling the Blackberry Playbook- read more about the slate in our coverage.

A major difference between the Fire and the Playbook is price, as Amazon’s slate goes for just $199, which is a top notch price for a device in this class.

Of course, the entire accessories ecosystem foe the device started moving, and considering that most cases and covers manufacturers sell their products through Amazon anyway, a bunch of protection accessories for the Kindle Fire already emerged.

We’ll present you in this article the best Kindle Fire cases and covers currently available (mainly for pre order) and we’ll update as soon as new and exciting ones get listed. Stay tuned.

Official Kindle Fire Zip Sleeve

Yep, this is Amazon’s official sleeve for their slate. It’s made out of nylon, which is a lightweight material that’s also quite tough and will protect the slate from most common nuisances, like scratches, bumps and falls. The design is very simple and functional- you don’t get any additional pockets for accessories and stuff, just the actual pouch and a zipper.

There’s also a leather looking band going underneath the zipper, with a Kindle logo engraved on it. The Sleeve is not very cheap, as it goes right now for just under $30, but it has the advantage of being delivered by Amazon directly for their tablets and might be bundled with other products quite soon.

The Sleeve comes in a multitude of colors you can choose from

The Sleeve comes in a multitude of colors you can choose from

Kindle Fire MicroShell Folio Cover

This cover is produced by Marware, a company we know delivers very solid cases for tablets. The one for the Kindle Fire has the same square-ish design as their previous entries, as it has a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside (with reinforced corners for shock absorption) and a soft film like layer in front, which also gives you access to the display.

This cover, which costs $39.99 right now, also doubles as a stand, thanks to a flexible section of the cover’s lid. From the looks of it, it has only one viewing angle, but seems to be pretty good for typing or watching videos. The case will be available in pink, gray or white and will be ship on November 15th.

A little tank to protect your Kindle Fire

A little tank to protect your Kindle Fire

Verso Kindle Fire Cover

Verso Kindle Fire cover

Verso Kindle Fire cover

The Verso cover is a tad different from the other entries, as it’s much more stylish than those. It has a leather like finish, with calligraphic patterns on the outside, resembling the look of old manuscripts.

It might be a little overdone, but it’s surely something different. On the inside it has a faux suede finish that will protect the screen from scratches and a pocket for holding documents or other small objects.

The cover goes for $39.99 right now, and it’s a fine choice if you want to add class to your Fire, as this coquette cover will definitely stand out in a crowd.

 Marware Eco-Vue for Kindle Fire Cover

If you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that this cover was produced via a eco friendly manufacturing process, that limits the toxic wastes and negative effects on the environment. As for the actual cover, it’s pretty soft and nice to hold, but still offers the same protection level you can expect from Marware.

It also has an elastic strap that will assure a very tight grip and a couple of exterior pockets for visit cards, SD cards or other small accessories. The cover, which costs $34.99, is available in black, pink and gray.

Marware Eco-Vue folio for the Kindle Fire

Marware Eco-Vue folio for the Kindle Fire

Timbuk2 Kindle Fire SLIM SLEEVE

The Timbuk2 Sleeve is a more affordable entry in this line up, as it costs only $25. It comes with a foam layer underneath the soft exterior, that will protect the tablet from bumps, falls and other nefarious impacts. It looks pretty much like a simple netbook sleeve (albeit smaller) and while it doesn’t pack features like supplementary pockets or a strap, it’s pretty easy to carry around and use. Not to mention that, as the Amazon description says “it’s so easy to to take through security” :)) Enjoy smuggling.

Goes straight through TSA- the Timbuk2 sleeve

Goes straight through TSA- the Timbuk2 sleeve

Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Kindle Fire

This folio is more suitable for those that consider their gadgets and accessories as fashion and style statements. The Folio is made out of leather and looks like it’s been designed by some Italian fashion company. It has a grainy, great to hold finish, while being quite sturdy and tough- your Fire will be safe in it.

Anorexia is hot in the fashion world and the Verve Tab is no exception, as it’s one of the thinnest covers you’ll find out there for your Fire. To top things up, you get a magnetic enclosure that assures you that your tablet won’t accidentally slide out of a wobbly case and hit the ground. This stylish folio won’t break you wallet either, as it goes for $29.99, but like all the other covers, will be available only in mid November.

Two of the color versions for the Belkin Verve Tab for the Fire

Two of the color versions for the Belkin Verve Tab for the Fire

Final thoughts

These are some of the cases and covers which you’ll be able to buy for your Kindle Fire, dare we say some of the best, considering the track records of the manufacturers and the overall appeal and design of each product. These cases were chosen so that at least one of them fits your style, budget or both- you have simple and robust cases, like the Microshell, or a sleek and fashionable folio like the Verve Tab and anything in between, really.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the Kindle Fire strongly resembles the BlackBerry Playbook, so if you already have a cover for that, you might be able to use it for the Fire as well. For now, these are the best covers and cases we found for the Kindle Fire, but more of them will certainly appear as we get closer to the November 15 launch date. Check back regularly, as we’ll post about new  products as soon as they are released.

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