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Samsung and Acer Chromebooks go head to head – video comparison

By Mark , updated on March 30, 2012

Samsung and Acer were the first two companies to announce that they intend to release laptops running Google’s browser based OS and they kept their word, with both laptops being available on Amazon.

As reviews for these computers are still missing, imagine our joy when we found this lengthy Vs video from Chromestory, putting the Acer Chromebook near the Samsung Series 5, trying to make sense of the major differences.

At a first glance, the two look pretty similar, with the Samsung having slightly more rounded edges, while the Acer can be used as a four edged blade if that situation occurs. Moving on the to the internals, you should know that the Acer comes with an Intel Atom N570, dual core processor and 2 GB of RAM, which is a decent setup for a 11.6 renamed netbook, which should run an OS tweaked enough to make this type of resources more than enough.

There’s also a 16 GB SSD, which should be enough to keep vital stuff on, while most of your data will be stored online. The 11.6 inch has an impressive 1366 x 768 resolution, which is a rare treat on a sub 13 inch machine. A less fortunate detail is that the Acer has a glossy display, which makes it less of a variant for outdoor use. This is a downside, considering that the Chromebook is meant for the highly mobile generation, and such a limitation will prove a little frustrating.

Spot the differences

Spot the differences

The Acer Chromebook comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports and a HDMI port, which lets you connect the machine to a big screen TV. But maybe the best characteristics of this machine are that you can access the RAM, SSD slots and that the battery is user replaceable. Samsung doesn’t offer this option, thus upgrading is not an option- unless you want to unscrew an entire panel.

The thested Acer unit has only WiFi, while a 3G version will probably come around September. As for pricing, the Acer is slightly cheaper than the Samsung, but we have to keep in mind that later has a larger screen, namely a 12.1 inch one.

All the other hardware specs, including processor, storage and RAM, are identical. Tough choice indeed.

Stay tuned for the hands on video, which deals more with the Acer than the Samsung- hopefully the Series 5 will get a similar chance from Enjoy.


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