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Asus X101H – new Windows 7 EEE PC with a sleek body (video)

By Andrei Girbea , updated on June 4, 2014

You’ve heard a bunch of things about the new Asus EEE PC X101 the Taiwanese company just announced at Computex yesterday but the line has actually two models.

We’re going to talk in here about the Asus X101H, the one with Windows 7 on board and standard hard-drive storage, as opposed to the Meego and SSD X101 version.

We managed to shoot a clip with this new netbook showcased at Computex 2011 and we can say it looks much like the current series on EEE PCs, but it’s a little bit sleeker, as it no longer inherits the SeaShell design. Take a look at the main specs for this line below:

  • 10.1 inch LED backlit non-glare display, 1024 x 600 px
  • Intel N435 CedarTrail processor
  • 1-2 GB of RAM
  • 250/320 GB hard-drive
  • Wireless N, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Windows 7 Starter and Express Gate (dual OS)
  • measures 262 x 180 x 22 mm
  • weighs 1 kg with a 3 Cell battery (2.2 pounds)
  • available in black, white red and brown

So, there’s a new platform meant to offer improved performances over the current generations, but the X101H won’t really compete with the upper class EEE PC 1025CE line. In fact, we’re not really sure what to expect from N435 yet, but this is probably going to be a single-core entry level CPU in the new Atom line. Thus, I expect the X101H to replace the entry level Asus 1011PX right now and prices should start at around 230-250 bucks, for the 3 Cell battery version.

Asus X101H - new entry level Windows 7 powered EEE PC

Asus X101H – new entry level Windows 7 powered EEE PC

The device is slimmer and lighter than the current generation Asus netbooks so it will be easier to carry around; the matte display, alongside that textured exterior, will make it a good travel companion. It is not as sleek as the Meego version (5mm thinner) but at least you get proper storage space and the ability to easily run all your Windows apps you’re familiar with. Also, there’s a slightly different keyboard on this one, with square independent keys, while the X101 offers rounded keys; ports placement seems different as well, as you’ll see in the clip.

We’re still waiting for exact details on prices, availability and the configurations Asus plans to get the X101H on the market. We expect this line to hit the stores by early Fall, so look for updates in the near future. For now, check the hands-on video below for extra info.

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Jonathan Zúñiga

It looks really nice, do you know if there will be a 12” version of this one?


No details on any 12 inch similar laptop for now


please help me i command system recovery i cant finish then i restart my screen is error 15.WHAT IS ERROR 15?THANKS!!!!!

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