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Asus EEE PC 1025CE and 1025C – redesigned CedarTrail netbooks

By Andrei Girbea , updated on June 4, 2014

For the last 2 years or so, all the Asus 10 inch EEE PCs looked more or less the same, boosting that famous Seashell design (with a thicker back part that got thinner towards the front).

Well, the new 10 inch netbooks announced at Computex, the Asus EEE PC 1025CE and 1025C, bring the dusk of the Seashell and the dawn of a new body design.

The new shape was inspired by Asus’s U line of ultra-portables and it’s meant to make the 10 inch netbooks overall thiner and better balanced. The exterior will be covered in high-quality matte plastic and Asus claims it will look and feel pretty much as aluminum does. The laptops will be available in a bunch of colors, with 3 different options for the 1025CE and 7 for the 1025C.

Inside you’ll get the 10.1 inch non-glare display (probably the same one we got today, with 1024 x 600 px resolution), chiclet keyboard and decent sized trackpad. Notice that the same matte finish can be found on palm rest and around the keys as well, but I’m not sure whether the screen’s bezel will get matte as well or will be kept glossy black as it is now (future pictures will help us).

Asus 1025CE/C EEE PCs offer a redesigned body

Asus 1025CE/C EEE PCs offer a redesigned body

Besides the exterior changes, the new line of EEE PCs also bring inside improvements. Current Atom Pinetrail architecture will be replaced with the future Intel CedarTrail platform, with processors from the N2XXX line, like the N2800 and N2600 we’ve heard about before. The new hardware will offer increased everyday performances but will mostly improve graphic capabilities on these 10 inchers, allowing true HD abilities. Thus, the new EEE PCs will handle Full HD content and will be able to output it to a bigger display via HDMI.

Still, there are 2 lines of EEE PCs mentioned in this post and you’ll wonder what’s the difference between them. Well, the Asus EEE PC 1025C will be the cheaper version, starting at $249 with Windows 7 Starter OS. For 30 bucks extra, starting at $279, you’ll get the Asus EEE PC 1025CE which also offer Asus’s Express Gate fast booting OS alongside Windows 7. Plus, it features an USB 3.0 slot by default, next to Wireless N and Bluetooth 3.0 (which are also present on the 1025C line).

Both versions will be offered with 3 Cell and 6 Cell batteries and weigh around 2.7 pounds with the 6 Cell battery inside. According to Asus, we’ll get up to 14 hours of life out of these new EEE PCs which definitely sounds great considering the improved performance over the nowadays generations.

There’s no exact info on when Asus plans to brings the EEE PC 1025CE and 1025C to the market, but I’d expect them to hit stores by early Fall. So stay tuned for more info.

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Andrei Girbea, Editor-in-Chief at This project was born as part of my search for capable mini-laptops that I could easily lug around to work, and still provide the performance that I'd need on a daily basis. I'm primarily using such ultracompact devices and have been testing them since 2006.
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Excuse my ignorance but why are the still using the 1024 x
600 displays on there newest EEE PC’s when a lot of the tablets are now using
1280 x 800. Is there some technical reason or is it just cost.


Not sure about technical reasons but it’s definitely a cost matter. Bigger resolution displays would be more expensive and also changing the manufacturing lines to produce them would attract costs as well.

still, i for one don’t really appreciate windows 7 on a 10 inch 1366 x 768. everything would be incredibly tiny. So probably in time , with Windows 8, we’ll see bigger res displays on netbooks, but till then…

Marko Susimetsa

Thanks for the roundup, but when you say “bring the dawn of the Seashell and the rise of a new body design”, I’m pretty sure that you mean dusk or sunset, or even downfall, instead of dawn…


indeed. thanks for noticing 😛

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