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CaseCrown Vertical Messenger Bag for iPad- a small and slim vertical bag for people on the go

By Mark , updated on March 28, 2012

The CaseCrown Vertical Messenger Bag for iPad might come in handy if you want to ditch your big bag in which you carry everything and just want a travel companion to accommodate your iPad and some accessories.

Because it happens quite often that all you want to take with you is your iPad (considering all the things it can do), and you end up taking a big bag or backpack with you just because you don’t want to carry it in your hand.

The CaseCrown Messenger Bag for iPad comes in a vertical design, which is much more comfortable than the traditional horizontal bag. With one of those, it is really hard to keep it balanced, as things will move around in it and the part in front or the one in the back will ultimately be heavier than the other one and cause some serious unbalance.

Plus, even if it is balanced, there’s a bigger chance you will bump people with it, especially if you live in a crowded city and take the bus or train. But with a vertical bag, this is no issue, because the slim design follows the lines of your body and it’s much easier to control while on the go. As the name says, this is an iPad bag and thus the main compartment is meant to accommodate an Apple tablet.

you might want to remove the big case crown logo from one of the zippers...

you might want to remove the big case crown logo from one of the zippers...

It’s a nicely padded compartment, with enough protection on the sides, bottom and top in order to keep your tablet secured. The main compartment of this iPad messenger bag is big enough to accommodate your iPad even when it has a case or folio over it– but don’t think about those bulky cases which convert into stands or something, but more of a slimmer type of case.

For all the extra stuff you have to carry around, there are numerous compartments and pockets which can take in much more items than the size might suggest at a first glance. There are numerous pockets around the main compartment and a couple of smaller ones under the flap. Those are useful, because you can keep in there some small, but essential items (like keys, USB drive etc.) and you don’t have to open the entire bag to get to them.

The pockets inside the bag are big enough to accommodate charging cables, small magazines, wireless keyboard, external disk drives and many more. Once you start playing with it for a while and try to stuff many things in there, you’ll be surprised of how many items it can carry at once. And what’s even better about this iPad carrying case is that it’s not exclusive for an iPad.

The interior is big enough for an iPad or a netbook

The interior is big enough for an iPad or a netbook

With a little effort, it can take almost any laptop under 13 inch, and a standard 10 inch netbook will fit in just fine. In terms of looks, the bag is not very spectacular. It’s all black on the outside and orange on the inside. There’s a CaseCrown logo on the side, which looks good enough, but will not turn many heads, I guess.

After all, looks are not that important for a carrying bag and as long as it fulfills its purpose, it shouldn’t matter that much. On the inside, the pockets look really tough, even the really small ones and the zippers are pretty solid- not the plastic type which feel like breaking every time you use it.

The CaseCrown Vertical Messenger Bag for iPad is now on sale on Amazon for just $29.19, which is cheaper than its regular price, so you might want to check it out.

The vertical design suits those always on the move, living in a big city

The vertical design suits those always on the move, living in a big city

It’s a very comfortable messenger bag and designed in such a way that it won’t harass you while you travel in crowded places. Plus, it comes with a bunch of pockets (some of them very well hidden), which can store chargers, USB drives, wallets, keyboards and other gadgets. If you have both a netbook and an iPad, you can use the bag for both devices, as the central compartment can host more than one standard.

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