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Galaxy Tab gets docking station, headset and some other accessories

By Andrei Girbea , updated on March 26, 2012

I’ve told you before that Samsung officially launched their Galaxy Tab touch screen tablet at IFA in Berlin. We’ve seen in in action in various posts available over the Internet from the guys present there and we’ve seen what an interesting device this tablet announces itself to be. You can read more about specs and expectations in this other post about the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

What’s cool is that Samsung also prepared some nice accessories for their device, ready to become available as soon as the tablet starts selling, and those were showcased at IFA as well.

First, there’s a docking station with integrated keyboard. I like how they integrated it with the looks of the Tab, but from the available pictures and clips, seems quite bulky when compared to the actual tablet or the keyboard docking Apple offers for their iPad. Still bear in mind the Galaxy Tab is a lot smaller than the iPad.

However, if i can get pass this aspect, I also noticed the way the device actually attaches to the station. If I were to buy such a device, I would also get a proper cover for it, to keep it safe. However, when using this docking station, I would have to get that case off every time and that would be quite frustrating.

Docking Station with chiclet keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Docking Station with chiclet keyboard for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Still, have a look at that docking station in the clip bellow. Notice that Sacha says it will probably cost 80 euro, which ain’t cheap.

Since the Galaxy Tab is also a giant phone, Samsung prepared some matching wireless headset for it and you can see it in those pics bellow. There are also some white wired headset that should come by default with the device (that’s not confirmed though), unlike the headset, as you’ll probably have to pay extra for it.

Headsets from Samsung Galaxy Tav

Headsets from Samsung Galaxy Tav

These are some of the accessories for the Tab showcased at IFA. Of course, we’ve yet to see any covers, docking stations without keyboard or car mounts, but they will be available as well.

Via Netbooknews.de

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