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Asus rolls out new batch of EEE PC accessories

By Mark , updated on June 4, 2014

If you missed Asus and their accessories, here’s some good news: they have a new line of netbook and laptop accessories out (well, they release something new every couple of months, so it’s hard to actually feel there are not enough of them going around).

This time we have on our hands small external drives, bags, sleeves and mouses. came up with a few tests of thesleeve and hard drive, which you can also check in the video at the end of the article (be aware, it’s in Italian).

For now, the accessories are available on Asus’s Italian website, but we should expect them to pop out around Europe and the US as well. First off, we have the 12 inch Slim Sleeve, which of course can accommodate 12 inch devices from Asus, like the 1215B or 1215N. Of course, you can use it for 10 inch netbooks or tablets as well, but you’ll have some extra space in there and the device will bounce around while you’re on the move.

The exterior of the sleeve is water proof and also very soft, while the interior is a little rougher, but without endangering the finish of the device. The 12 inch sleeve is the base model, but you can also go for a 10 or a 14 inch model. Either way, you’ll have to pay 19 euros for it and you can choose between gray, red and black.

The external HDD is a classy, but fragile accessory

The external HDD is a classy, but fragile accessory

Next, we have the ASUS Super Slim 30 GB USB hard drive, which was initially introduced during the first netbook spree from Asus, a few years ago. It is a 30 GB external drive the size of a pack of gum. It’s not a solid state disk though, so you shouldn’t throw it around and drop it too often, as the sensitive internals can get damaged pretty easily. It’s a good option for keeping all your very essential data in one place and don’t loose everything in case someone steals your netbook or notebook.

The device has a soft, silk imitating finish, and you even get a little cleaning cloth for it straight out of the box. The little HDD goes right now for about 25 euros, which is actually a promotional price, considering that usually you should have to pay around 50 euros to grab it. But probably the drive is not very fast and Asus decided to lower the price in order to get rid of the stocks they have. Stay tuned for some hands on videos with the two accessories, thanks to

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